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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ask your self are you willing to work out ?

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Every relationship goes through ups and downs , some through twist and turns , but being each individual unique and different, differences will arise, some imperfections , some flaws , some impressions and baggage’s carried along ,and when such two people come together ups and downs are bound to happen once in awhile, but that doesn't mean moving away or just changing completely with a thought that "this relationship won’t work or i can’t do anything about it”, rather talk out slowly with right words and right state of mind, rather than just assuming clear the doubts , rather than just staying quite speak out your heart , rather than hiding your wounds and staying with it for so long show it ,not to make your other part (person in relationship) feel guilty about his/her action rather with a feeling of knowing each other better from this very moment, rather than thinking "he/she won’t understand me, or may be not so capable of understanding or listening" just try with a right feeling and right time with an feeling of nourishing self as well as the relationship and getting in detail understanding of one’s individuality with respect , care and love ...all it matters is whether you want this relationship to work out? Remember nobody is perfect including self
So ask your self are you willing to work out?  
Love peace and joy...

By Sampada 

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