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Friday, June 20, 2014

I trust life to work on my behalf at all times...

I trust life to work on my behalf at all

I trust life to work on my behalf at all times, and I therefore say a joyful and confident yes! to all experiences coming my way today.
I feel the power of the Holy Spirit orchestrating all events that unfold before me this day to serve my highest good. I feel all heavenly forces of goodness quietly serving my Spirit behind the scenes, and I resist nothing positive that comes my way. I say yes to the absolute necessity and value of every condition and circumstance that occurs as I move through the day, and realize that nothing is accidental or incongruent with my soul’s plan to merge with Spirit.
I fear nothing this day. I avoid nothing this day. I accept everything that unfolds as being in accordance with the divine plan of the Holy Spirit working through me and for my own benefit, even when the connection between my experience and the goodness hidden inside of it is not apparent to me. I fully surrender personal ego or negative judgment of all people or events that I encounter this day, and wholeheartedly accept that their presence is in service to my Spirit and my soul’s learning and growth. I am confident that all that does not have purpose in my life and for my highest good will be removed before I encounter it, and I am grateful to say yes and receive the full goodness of whatever presents itself to me this day.

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