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Monday, February 2, 2015

Affirmations for improving relationships with others.


To help you with your relationships with others try daily repetitions of the following affirmations.

1. I remind myself that to have friends i must be one. At all times i not only show myself friendly but am prepared to make sacrifices to help others.

2. I dwell on the good qualities of all my acquaintances. I am therefore couraging  remarks. I let others know that i appreciate all that they are and all they can do.

3. I realize that my acquaintances and i have so much in common. We share a common and frail humanity. We are brothers in the great family of man. Deep ties in fact already exist between us.

4. I remember today that if others maybe feeling shy, reticent and lacking in self-confidence. By a warm and friendly approach i do all i can to put them at case.

5. I appreciate that if others are not friendly it is because circumstances have them distrustful of others. I continue to show myself friendly despite rebuffs.

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