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Thursday, September 11, 2014

"NO RISK, NO REWARD" : A backwoods farmer,  sitting on the steps  of his shack, was approached  by a stranger who was passing through.   "How's your wheat coming along?"  asked the stranger. Read More >>


A backwoods farmer, 
sitting on the steps 
of his shack, was approached 
by a stranger who was passing through. 

"How's your wheat coming along?" 
asked the stranger. 

"Didn't plant any." 

Really? I thought this was good wheat country." 

"I didn't plant because I was afraid it wouldn't rain." 

"How's your corn coming along?" 

"Didn't plant any." 

"Really? I thought this was good corn country." 

"I didn't plant any because I was afraid of corn blight." 

"What did you plant?" 

"Nothing," said the farmer, "I just played it safe." 

- Author Unknown 

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