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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Strong creatures eat weaker ones day and night

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Strong creatures eat weaker ones day and night. How can one say God is great? The world is seen to be very painful. If God is the creator, why did He create like this?

God manifested the creation many creation-cycles ago as a perfect entity, but humans have spoiled it by their misdeeds and murderous ways. The individual human life and the cosmic life are interrelated.  Just as a human being carries his karma along with him, and that karma determines what his future lives will be, so it is with the world. Humans have progressively caused the creation to be increasingly flawed and painful.

Until they change themselves and thereby change the state of the world, things will keep on as they are or get worse. The choice is ours, not Gods. That is what free will is all about.

Growth facilitates happiness. We experience fulfilment when we grow in ourselves. When we feel that we are progressing, evolving and becoming more, we develop a higher level of confidence and pride. This is what makes us feel alive. This is where the magic happens.

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